Centre for consumer experience in health care

Who are we?

The Dutch Centre for Consumer Experience in Health Care is an independent foundation governed by a board of 6 members (two representing patient/consumer organisations, two representing health insurers, and two representing health care providers) with an independent chairman.

Our aim

Our statutory aim is to develop, implement and protect a national standard for valid and reliable  measurements and comparisons of consumer experiences in health care. This standard is called the Consumer Quality Index, or CQ-index or CQI. Consumer Quality Index is a registered trademark. The CQ-index is based on American CAHPS® questionnaires and Dutch QUOTE instruments.

Our activities

We coordinate the development of instruments by research institutes and universities, and check whether the instruments are developed according to our guidelines. These guidelines prescribe that instruments are being developed using:

  • Literature reviews and existing survey instruments;
  • Qualitative research, particularly focus group discussions with patients;
  • Psychometric testing;
  • Testing of the discriminative power of instruments using hierarchical methods;
  • Formal involvement of all stakeholders, including patient/consumer organisations, health insurers and health care providers.

Instruments that have been developed according to the guidelines are formally approved by the Centre for Consumer Experience in Health Care and are published on our website. Parties interested in using the instruments can do so free of charge, but with proper referral to the Consumer Quality Index®.

We accredit so-called certified survey vendors. These survey vendors are allowed to conduct CQI surveys.

International cooperation

The Centre participates in expert meetings of the OECD concerning the responsiveness of health care systems. We also organize workshops and trainings on the annual conferences of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA). Researchers of the Centre for Consumer Experience in Health Care are active members of the EUPHA section Health Services Research.

More information?

To find out more about our activities or to get in contact, please send an e-mail to info@centrumklantervaringzorg.nl.